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Intuitive, Tarot, Nerd

Hiya! I'm glad you've arrived. I have been doing tarot readings for almost three years now, though I've always possessed talents for sensing energy and interacting with the metaphysical. Tarot is something that came into my life in the same way my cat brings birds into the house -- loudly and without stealth. My friend bought his own tarot deck back in 2019 and I was immediately mesmerized. Almost three years later and I now have approximately seven thousand of my own tarot and oracle decks! I love them, and honestly I'm really good at doing readings. Tarot, to me, is something that provides insight into the mind and emotions of human beings. When I ask them what I want between two options, they give me answers that I likely already knew but didn't know how to put into words. Tarot cards are not magic, and they can't tell you anything with absolute certainty -- but they can bring out the magic already within you and give some of the "most-likely" outcomes.
Each of my tarot and oracle decks have their own personality. When you purchase a reading, I'll ask them which one wants to use their energy for your specific question. In my head, I know they aren't alive, but sometimes even I find that difficult to believe. Tarot and oracle cards possess lots of energy (from the reader, the question-asker, the universe, you name it) and that energy is something I really connect with. That energy is what I "read."
So I'm glad you're here. I hope you find something I you like.

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